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The need for blood

There are many reasons patients need blood. A common misunderstanding about blood usage is that accident victims are the patients who use the most blood. Actually, people needing the most blood include those:

-->Being treated for cancer

-->Undergoing orthopedic surgeries

-->Undergoing cardiovascular surgeries

--Being treated for inherited blood disorders

Blood Tips

-->Get plenty of sleep the night before you plan to donate.

-->Eat a healthy meal before your donation.

-->Avoid fatty foods, such as hamburgers, french fries or ice cream before donating. ...

-->Drink an extra 16 ounces (473 milliliters) of water and other fluids before the donation.

Who you could Help

Your blood saves lives. Your blood donation is an amazing gift to people who need it in an emergency or for on-going medical treatment.

We need nearly 5,000 people to give blood every day to meet the needs of hospitals and patients.

We specifically need new black donors to provide blood donations for black patients with sickle cell disease. They need life-saving blood from black donors, which provides the closest match to their own.

Some of the Donar


Gender : Male

Blood Group : O+


Gender : Male

Blood Group : A+

G Shiva parvathi

Gender : Female

Blood Group : B+


Gender : Male

Blood Group : B+

Mohammad Gouse

Gender : Male

Blood Group : AB+

Karthik Beeravelli

Gender : Male

Blood Group : Select


blood group of any human being will mainly fall in any one of the following groups.

  • A positive or A negative
  • B positive or B negative
  • O positive or O negative
  • AB positive or AB negative.

A healthy diet helps ensure a successful blood donation, and also makes you feel better! Check out the following recommended foods to eat prior to your donation.


The most common blood type is O, followed by type A. Type O individuals are often called "universal donors" since their blood can be transfused into persons with any blood type. Those with type AB blood are called "universal recipients" because they can receive blood of any type.